Will Jackson, Miss., be the New Co-op Capital of the South?

Building Jackson Strong, One Person at a Time
Jackson Free Press

Chokwe Antar Lumumba doesn’t need City Hall to Lead Jackson, MS into New Era

Free the Land! Jackson Rising 
Sustainable Economies Law Center


Will Co-ops Spark a New Civil Rights Movement? 
Rooflines published by the National Housing Institute

Jackson Rising: An Electoral Battle Unleashes a Merger of Black Power, the Solidarity Economy and Wider Democracy 

Jackson Rising, Black Mutual Aid, Cooperatives, Mondragon, and All That

Jackson Rising: Black Millionaires Won’t Lift Us Up, But Cooperation & the Solidarity Economy Might
Black Agenda Report

City Almost Grounds ‘Jackson Rising’ Conference
Jackson Free Press

Up South, Down South: A Detroit Delegate’s Recap of Jackson Rising
Orchestrated Pulse

Jackson Rises to Face New Challenges

Voices of Jackson Rising
Common Dreams

Mississippi Rising
The Progressive

A Radical Seed Grows in Jackson, MS
Waging NonViolence

Jackson Rising
The Michigan Citizen

After Jackson Loses its Radical Mayor, A Movement Spreads in the South
The Nation

Jackson, Miss., conference promotes people’s cooperatives
Workers World

The Dream That Lives in Our Hearts, Reflections From Jackson Rising 2014
Black Organizing Project

Jackson Rising: People Power and the New Cooperative Movement
Common Dreams

Jackson Rising: Can cooperative economics remake the South?

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